nautron respoc lorni virch.

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Aesop once wrote of an eagle,
- soaring high above a shepherd’s field, that swooped down on powerful wings to seize a grazing lamb, and carry it off to her nest.

Flying close by, a jackdaw saw the deed, and it filled his head with the idea that he too was just as strong and capable.

So with a great flapping and rustling of feathers, the jackdaw came down swiftly and clutched at the coat of a large ram. But when he tried to fly away, he found he could not lift the animal, for his size and strength were not up to the task. And even as the jackdaw struggled, the ram hardly noticed he was there.

Nearby, just across the field, the shepherd saw the fluttering bird and was quite amused. Running up, he captured the jackdaw and clipped its wings.

That evening he gave the jackdaw to his children as a gift.

"What an odd little bird this is, father!" they laughed and shouted. "What do you call him?"

"This is a Jackdaw," the Father said. "But if you should ask him, he would claim to be an Eagle."

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Anonymous ASKED:

Are you always so cynical?


I want to say no. But there are certain people on here who follow this blog for the wrong reasons. I get a lot of anonss for personal/identifiable information, which I’m choosing not to give. I’ve never been too personal on here. And the anonymity is the only thing that allows me to be in my writing.

I am sincere in my writing. Not so much in anything else.

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